American Schutzhund Helper Certification Camp

APril 8-10, 2022

Contact: Joeri Veth – – (724) 7776686
8041 Highway D. Bonne Terre, MO 63628.

Facebook Event:

Sanctioned American Schutzhund Helper Certification and Workshop hosted by Ozarks Working Dog Club.


Joeri Veth will present this three day helper certification / training workshop.
Via lecture, demonstrations and hands on practical exercises, helpers who certify will be able to correctly identify and implement the manor in which American Schutzhund expects trial dogs to be worked.

•AS1-3 Protection Rules
•Courage,Hardness and Fighting
•Helper Attitude/Mindset
•Sleeve Presentation
•Attack on Handler (AS1)
•Attack on Handler out of the
Back Transport (AS2-3)
•Side Transport (AS1-3)
•Long Attack
•Call Off


This is a certification course. You must successfully navigate and pass this program in order to attain an American Schutzhund Helper Certification. No one will be certified for just attending.

PSA Membership Requirement:
For those wishing to attain their AS Helper Certification, you must have an active PSA membership. Also, anyone working a dog for a certifying helper, must also have an active PSA membership. This is due to insurance requirements. Those who wish to audit, do not need to be active PSA members.

$100.00 for helpers 3 day event.
$40.00 auditors each day.

All attendees must pay and register in advance. There will be ten working spots for helpers wishing to participate. Audit spots are unlimited, but must also be paid in advance. There will be no collection of fees on the workshop weekend.

Registration form:

Payment accepted by PayPal. Please be sure to select *friends and family*
Please use the following email address for  payment :


Event Location:
8041 Highway D
Bonne Terre, MO 63628

April 8-10, 2022 (3 days)

Start Time:
0900 all 3 days.


Introducing our Instructor:

Instructor/Coach/Director Of Helpers

Trial Helper Experience:
•400+ dogs worked on National and Regional level events in the Netherlands and Norway.
•Re-certified every year, and got the highest points on the National Helper days in the Netherlands twice.
•2x helper on National Championships in the Netherlands (All breed and German Shepherd).
•2x helper on National Championships in Norway.
•2x helper on National Championships in South-Africa.
•1x helper on African Masters Tournament.
•Breed Survey helper on Doberman Nationals USA 2019.
•First time certified at 16, Regional level certified at 17 and National level Certified at 18 years old.

Training Helper Experience:
Responsible for some or all of the training in the Protection part for 19 WUSV / IDC entries, from the Netherlands, Norway, USA and South Africa. Several of those were V-rated and SG-rated scores.
Several of these were top-10 and included 3 podium finishes!
Responsible for 100+ of Regional and National level entries as a coach/helper for my local clubs in Holland, Norway and the USA.
Conducted helper seminars in 3 different countries. Responsible for the results of several Dobermans on National and International level. Including 2018 IPO3 National Champion UDC, 2019 National Champion UDC in IGP1, IGP2 and IGP3

Competitor Experience:
Competed with 3 dogs on National and International Level and titled another 8 dogs to minimum of IPO1
1.Onta von Karthago (33x IPO3)
GSD Nationals for clubs (NKK), GSD Nationals and National and World Qualifiers many times podium and won several other trials.
Regional Champion of South of Holland (25+ competitors) in 2010 and 2011. Second place in 2012.
2011 WUSV World
Championships- 75-96-97 (HIGH STADIUM)
2012 WUSV World Championships – 9th place – 93-94- 95 = 282
2. Fido von der Hagenmuhle
2015 WUSV World Championships – 26th place 84-92- 92 (only passing dog in my flight of tracking)
National Champion of Norway.
2016 WUSV Universal Sieger World Championships – #1 in show and #3 overall
3. Ace von der Herzen Haus
Regional Champion 2018 USCA Mid Eastern Regionals
#2 GSDCA National Championships USCA – GSDCA
World Qualification Trial
#11 USCA Nationals
Details TBA on FB Event Page.

April 10 @ 08:00
8:00 am — 4:00 pm (8h)

Midwest Region