Compete in either sport.  Memberships are valid for both PSA and American Schutzhund.  Become a member or order a scorebook below.
Please note: You must be a member to order a scorebook.

Membership cards will no longer be mailed.  Official Membership status (including member number, and expiration date) will now be located and searchable on this website at may take up to 4 weeks to process your membership, assign you a number, and update the website.  You do not have to know your number to sign up for events.  Your membership has to be confirmed before the day of the event you are participating in.

We do the best we can staying on top of this.  Allow 14 days for delivery of scorebooks.  Scorebooks are available at trials to purchase from the trial secretary.  If you need a book for a trial that is within 2 weeks please contact the trial secretary to let them know you will need to purchase one from them at the event.  We can not guarantee books ordered online will arrive before your event.

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